How To Defend Yourself

Your body is a weapon. So says Brandi, who starts teaching her peers self-defense after fraternity brothers assault one of her sorority sisters. Joined by two male classmates who show up in support, the group learns how to fight back, while wrestling with their own complicated experiences and desires. But how much can a class actually teach them about protecting themselves—and each other? Visceral and provocative, How to Defend Yourself examines the impact of rape culture, on campus and beyond.

Playwright: Lily Padilla

Director: Marti Lyons
Scenic Designer: Kimie Nishikawa
Costume Designer: Dina Abd El-Aziz
Lighting Designer: Heather Gilbert
Sound Designer: Luqman Brown
Movement Director: Steph Paul
Fight Director: Drew Fracher
Stage Manager: Janette L. Hubert
Dramaturg: Jessica Reese
Casting: Emily Tarquin

Photography: Crystal Ludwick

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