Dead Are My People

Dead Are My People follows Nicola, a young Syrian man who flees to the U.S. from famine-stricken Mount Lebanon during World War I. Once there, he hopes to track down his uncle Tanios, who emigrated West years before. Finding few traces of his kin, Nicola must ultimately navigate the treacherous terrain of the Jim Crow South. Grappling with the legacies of white supremacy, immigration, and assimilation, Dead Are My People is an unexpected and timely journey to the core of the American experience. Dead Are My People is Noor Theatre’s first full-length play commission.

A play with music by Ismail Khalidi
Original Compositions by Hadi Eldebek
Lyrics by Ismail Khalidi, Hadi Eldebek and Patrick Lazour
Directed by Leah C. Gardiner
Scenic Design by Izmir Ickbal

Costume Design by Dina El-Aziz

Lighting Design by Reza Behjat

Projection Design by Yana Biryukova

Movement/Choreography by Samar King

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