We've Come To Believe

Consider the raw power of groupthink: hordes of collectors losing their minds over the latest consumer fad, hundreds of followers duped by a charismatic leader, and entire communities gripped by irrational panic. How do so many people come to share the same bizarre beliefs? How would we know if we are the ones who are deluded? Writing for the actors 2018/19 season’s Professional Training Company, three fearless playwrights dive into the absurd and sometimes hilarious world of collective delusion, and the alarming places it can lead.

Playwrights: Kara Lee Corthron, Emily Feldman, and Matthew Paul Olmos
Director: Will Davis

Scenic Designer: Kimie Nishikawa
Costume Designer: Dina Abd El-Aziz
Lighting Designer: Heather Gilbert
Sound Designer: Luqman Brown
Stage Manager: Katherine Thesing
Dramaturg: Jenni Page-White

Photography: Jonathan Roberts

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